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Professional Employment

SRI INTERNATIONAL (January 2011 to Present / SARNOFF, Princeton, NJ (Contract to hire) May 2005 – December 2010, Principal Software Engineer

Digital Server / Video Flashlights: Developed / updated audio processing filters for mixing and playing audio streams and recording wave files.  Created component to manage and burn DVDs containing audio and video recorded from the 3-D visualization system.  Updated serial port access of Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera device driver.

TerraSight Manager: Individual Developer / Technical Lead for product. Responsible for many aspects of continued development of this real-time video processing and playback component, including HTTP, gSOAP, WCF, DCOM remote control; GUI dialogs; interface to UAVs (Piccolo, Predator, Shadow, Procerus, MISB, etc.), CLAW, and PTZ cameras (Bosch G3, Wescam MX-15i, L-3 Sonoma MX-12i, Flir Systems Star SAFIRE); video / metadata synchronization and streaming over sockets; and web service integration.  Created utilities in C# with WinForms, WPF, WCF. Integrated FlexNet licensing, updated Wise installer, resolved Coverity Prevent reported issues.

TerraSight Server: Updated C# ADO.NET data tier interface to SQL Server.  Added new components for tracking moving targets, using WCF, NHibernate.

Field Support at Redstone Arsenal, Yuma Proving Ground, Ft Huachuca, Camp Roberts, White Sands Missile Range, Twenty-nine Palms, Moffett Airfield, Ft Belvoir, Newark Airport, L-3 Sonoma, Dynamic Aviation, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing Insitu.

Development in Visual C++ and C# (6.0, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010), with APIs including STL, MFC, ACE, BOOST, gSOAP, CORBA, OpenGL, DirectSound, DirectShow, IPP, ADO.NET, NHibernate, SQL Server 2000, WCF, WPF, NeroVision, and MSXML. 

Additional tools: ClearQuest, CVS, Team Foundation Server (source control & work items), SharePoint, DOORS.

Hardware: Axis and Verint Video over IP; SeaLevel and Lantronix RS-232/422 to Ethernet; Osprey, Tetra, Acadia, FireWire Video Capture.

March 2010, Employee of the Month

EASTMAN KODAK – HEALTH IMAGING DIVISION, Plano, Texas (Contract) August 2004 – May 2005

Multi Vendor Equipment Service: Investigated various medical imaging & networking devices for feasibility of creating PC based service software.  Created Java code to access information on one PowerPC based device.  Developed C# / .NET Windows Forms prototype for service software; interacts with device’s service port over RS-232 link. Developed software architecture and created / integrated reusable C# components for future service applications. Updated two Visual C++ service applications.  Created MS Project schedule, software requirements and design documents (including UML with Rational XDE). Ported installation scripts for a web server from Windows NT to Windows Server 2003, using batch files, MS Virtual PC, VBScript, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), SQL Server 2000, and IIS. 

SYSTEMS & ELECTRONICS, INC, Saint Louis, Missouri, (Contract) May 2004 – July 2004

Perimeter Surveillance System:  Development in Visual Basic, Visual C++ and SQL Server 2000 for a system of devices connected over a wireless/wired TCP/IP network with Day TV, FLIRs, Laser Radar, Pan/Tilt, Video over IP and DVR recording / playback.  Developed interface to Nero DVD burning API, five device simulators; and Python configuration scripts.  Device simulators were MFC dialog applications, with multiple threads, sockets. Developed Python client for C# servers for managing simulator setup on 15+ station simulation PCs.  Created/modified Interface Requirements Specification, Software Test Description and Software Requirements Specification documents (per Mil-Std-498).


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CONTINENTAL ELECTRONICS, INC, Dallas, Texas, (Contract) September 2003 – December 2003

Transmitter Control System for an over-horizon Radar system:  Short term assignment to assist with meeting schedule for Factory and Site Acceptance Tests. Development with Visual C++ .NET 2003 for a system that controls exciters, transmitters and antennae and provides a switch matrix to link them.  Implemented GUI controls, system event logging, HTML help, exciter device command processing, command/status computer proxy communications and protection switching.  Also involved with TCP/IP socket communications, startup / shutdown, persistent storage, and multi-threading. 

SOFTWARE REMODELING INC, Plano, Texas, (Contract) January 2001 – April 2003

EFW F-16 SIL and ATE: For Windows NT based System Integration and Automated Testing products, designed and implemented Visual C++ code for GUI, automated test cases and interface to various devices.  Devices included Analog & Digital I/O, MIL-STD-1553B, an oscilloscope, National Instruments and Agilent Arbitrary Waveform Generators.  Implemented an interface to Xantrex power supplies over GPIB and an interface to the QualMark environmental chamber. 

Medical Device Projects: Implemented multi-language (European & Japanese) support for GUI on Baxter Cygnet project (using Photon and QNX configuration files) and another client (using TILCON Graphics Editor / Runtime API).  Developed C++ code for “Target Controlled Infusion” PID controller and drug effect estimation using Runge-Kutta and Euler algorithms, state control, GUI and other components.  Designed test cases and performed formal testing.

Xalted Networks - 7X Optical Switch: Led an evaluation of embedded DBMS products Polyhedra, RDM, Solid Synchronet, and Sybase Ultralite; included documentation review, testing and implementation of a flat file database. Created C++ interface for ODBC functions and RDM.  Designed, coded and tested part of the ATM Connection Management component.  Development in Rational Rose and in C++ with Cygwin, gcc and VxWorks Tornado.

ACCELERATED NETWORKS, Richardson, Texas, April 2000 – January 2001

AN-28 ISDN BRI Integrated Access Device: Designed, coded and integrated device drivers for Infineon QUAT-S ISDN BRI and MICO PCM controller chips.  Modified device driver for MPC860 QMC (multi-channel controller for HDLC/transparent channels). Created ISDN BRI diagnostics.  Development in C on PowerPC MPC860 with VxWorks Tornado/GDB and SDS SingleStep.  Involved in software integration of DSP voice/data processing and Q.931/HDLC message handling.  Participated in system integration with Siemens’ DSLAM and DLC in Munich, Germany.

SOFTWARE REMODELING INC, Plano, Texas, (Contract) December 1996 – April 2000

ADC Telecommunications Cellworx Service Transfer Node:  This ATM product contains a number of VxWorks based interface cards (MPC860), including OC3, OC12, OC48, E1, DS1, DS3, M13 and frame relay.  The software is a combination of ObjecTime generated C++ and C/C++ device drivers.  Implemented a feature on an OC3 card to disable virtual path ring direction switching of the ATM switch fabric. Investigated and debugged numerous problems in the Objectime ROOM model and C++ code, including optimizing card level protection switching, device driver changes, various CRS/CES port configuration problems, alarms, physical layer processing and performance management.  Used Adtech and HP Cerjac test equipment, Rational ClearCase, VxWorks Tornado, Sun Solaris and GDB.

Baxter Healthcare Cygnet (now Alyx) blood separation project: Evaluated CASE tools for use with the UML, including Rational Rose, Platinum Technologies Paradigm Plus, I-Logix Rhapsody and Visio Professional / Enterprise. Performed high level design (using UML) for state control, event processing and GUI components.   Prototyped part of user interface using the QNX OS, its Photon GUI API, the PhAB GUI builder and the Watcom C/C++ compiler. 

Bridge Medical Sentry infusion pump:  Software development effort consisted of System Manager Module (SMM) (Intel 80486) development in Plano and Fluid Delivery Module (FDM) (dual Intel 80186 processors) development at DEKA Research, Manchester, NH.  Defined software requirements using Rational RequisitePro.   Eighteen month loan to DEKA, where I performed the software integration for the FDA 510(k) testing phase of the fluid delivery function, wrote C/C++ software for fluid valve and pneumatic device drivers, the FDM side of the SMM – FDM command interface and a PC based SMM simulator.  Part of development was in I-Logix Rhapsody, a Unified Modeling Language CASE tool that generates C++ code from the object model and executable statecharts.  


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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, McKinney, Texas, (Contract) March 1995 – December 1996

Commander's Independent Viewer (CIV):  As the lead engineer for the system control component, defined requirements and software architecture for a TMS320C40 targeted system using Colbert's Object Oriented Software Development (OOSD) methodology.  Produced a Mil-Std 2167A Software Design Document. Performed design and implementation (Ada) for message processing, symbology, Mil-Std 1553B protocol bus drivers and interrupt controller components. Integrated TMS320 assembly boot loader and a 1553B protocol EEPROM reprogrammer. 

LORAL VOUGHT SYSTEMS, Grand Prairie, Texas, (Contract)  March 1994 - March 1995

Army/Navy Tactical Missile System (TACMS):  Army - Implemented data conversion routines for navigation corrections and satellite data for transfer between the inertial guidance system and the embedded Global Positioning System (GPS).  Navy - defined requirements, designed, implemented and integrated new and modified functions for demonstration of the TACMS missile launch from a shipboard platform.  These functions included: timeline manager, interface to a GPS/inertial position device, and RS-422 communications. Coding was in Ada targeted for the Intel I960MC processor.

GENERAL ELECTRIC/Martin Marietta, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, (Contract)  February 1993 – December 1993

Regenerative Liquid Propellant Gun:  Developed Ada device drivers for analog and discrete devices on various I/O boards using Teamwork and Verdix Ada.  Tested the software on VME based units with Radstone and Motorola 68030 processor cards. Automated parts of the Ada coding and test support with Unix shell scripts.  


GENERAL DYNAMICS, Sterling Heights, Michigan, (Contract)  May 1992 - February 1993

M1A2 USA and M1A2 for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:  Created Dod-Std-2167A requirements and design documentation for the Hull / Turret Electronics Unit (HTEU) component of the M1A2 tank. Wrote Unix shell scripts to automate requirements traceability, configuration management, and other tasks.  Implemented modifications for the KSA M1A2 for power management, diagnostics, system mode control, and other components.  Developed with Telesoft Ada with a Ready Systems run-time environment (ARTX).


Texas instruments, Dallas, Texas, June 1982 - April 1992

Variety of software development positions in lead and individual contributor roles on real-time embedded projects and support groups.  Was continually recognized as the division’s expert on VAX/VMS and Pascal.  Development was primarily in Pascal and Ada on VAX/VMS, Unix and the TI DX-10 OS.







SoutherN methodist university, Dallas, Texas, Masters level Computer Science courses, including compilers, operating systems, networks, data communication, computer architecture, database

STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW york at stony brook,  Stony Brook, New York,  B.S. Computer Science 1982




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